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Our Packing house is the largest in the state of Florida, hosting year-round operations for a variety of blueberries from around the world.

The Fruit Packing Vision

We at H & A Farms are proud to be the largest packing house by volume on the Eastern Seaboard, ensuring your fruit is packed with care, precision, and timeliness. Our packing strategy is created with a long term vision in mind. Having started in a leased facility less than 10 years ago, we now pack for growers we work with all over the world  with the same vision since inception- bring maximum value to the fruit and the farmer. This is H&A packing.

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The Packing Story

The story of our packing house traces back through generations, a narrative rooted in the challenges faced by the Hill Family. The specter of eminent domain took our farm from us, pushing us to start anew with a focus on landscape trees. As the 2008 recession loomed, Michael Hill seized an opportunity to diversify into a different crop—blueberries. After a few seasons of growing, it became apparent that there was an opportunity to create a better process for the harvest and sale of blueberries. What currently existed was a corporate leaning advantage to benefit the big agricultural marketing companies. There wasn’t a company that was grower-owned, or grower-focused.  

 A turning point came when Ryan Atwood joined the journey, sparking a transformative idea. We envisioned a grower-owned and operated packing house—a sanctuary for farmers across the state. Our commitment was to build something different, where honesty, good returns, and collaboration defined our ethos. Word of mouth and our dedication to ethical practices fueled remarkable growth, reinforcing our understanding of the pressing need for a packing house that prioritized both growers and quality. 

 In 2015, our inaugural season began with leasing a facility—a mere prelude. The construction of our main building commenced in 2016, and by 2017, its doors swung open. Initially packing for four farms, our role evolved beyond a mere packing house. We became consultants, expanding into farm management. 

 The year 2018 saw a pivotal move for the packing house—our first fruit import. Leveraging our packing house, we transformed into a year-round operation, attracting top talent, and consistently delivering high-quality blueberries. This forward-thinking move embodied our commitment to innovation and long-term stability beyond traditional seasons while providing our Co-ops and growers throughout the world with new business opportunities and growth.   

 Further innovation ensued as we recognized the unique niche for strawberries. Given Florida's status as one of two locations for winter strawberries, we seamlessly integrated strawberry packing into our existing model. Becoming pivotal players in the distribution network, the upcoming 2023-2024 season marks our first full season of growing and packing strawberries for our distributors. 

 Nearly a decade into packing, our focus remains steadfast on family ownership and operation—no external investors or capital diluting our commitment. Each member contributes to our success, embodying the resilience needed to navigate challenges and meet the ever-evolving needs of the land. Today, we proudly stand as the largest packing house by volume on the US Eastern Seaboard—a testament to our resilience, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to grower success. 


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