Food Safety

Our blueberry growers have worked with H&A Farms to self-audit all farms and facilities, develop good agricultural practices (GAPs) for all farms and follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for its facility.

Each blueberry grower has a food safety manual designed specifically for their operation. It outlines their food safety program in detail and includes all monitoring logs to document their program.

All H&A Farms blueberry growers and the blueberry packing house facility have received 3rd-party audits. All new growers in the future will be required to establish a formal food safety program and to receive 3rd-party audits.

H&A Farms and its blueberry growers currently have the following certifications:

  • PRIMUS Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
    The highest level in food safety management systems, covering both GAP and GMP
  • The blueberry packing facility is HACCP certified.
H&A Farms Food Safety & Quality with blueberries