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We at H & A Farms are proud to manage your farm in all aspects, so your land receives the most production possible while achieving desired results. Our Partnerhip is created with a long term vision in mind. Having started with just a few farms, we now manage over 10 farms across the state of Florida, with the same vision since inception- bring maximum value to the fruit and the farmer. This is TotalAgCare.

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The Farm Management Story

The Farm Management Sector of H & A Farms is deeply rooted in the company's history. Much like the initial collaboration between Ryan and Michael, who came together to strategize on how to enhance the effectiveness of the farmers we work with and boost the productivity of our packing house, the birth of our farm management sector can be traced back to this shared vision in 2015.

What sets H & A Farms' Management sector apart is its rarity in the region, owing to the demanding nature of the work involved. From labor management to fruit production, consumption, equipment, and more, this facet of our business truly embodies a labor of love.

As our management sector expanded to encompass over 10 farms throughout the state, it brought forth new challenges and opportunities, magnifying our impact fourfold. This growth allowed us to refine our expertise and develop innovative solutions, all while maintaining the personalized approach that defines our service.

The success of our endeavors is not only evident in the increased efficiency of our fruit packing but also in the seamless management of over 400 acres of blueberries under our care, from the initial planting stages to the final harvest. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of the agricultural process, ensuring that our fruit is not only of the highest quality but also sustainably grown.

The Farm Management sector represents the core of our company's mission. It exists to support the success of the fruit, the farmers we collaborate with, and the consumers who enjoy the final product. We believe in fostering a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship among all stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain.

As you explore our family of farms, you'll quickly understand why we stand as the premier blueberry agricultural company on the eastern seaboard. Join us, and experience a level of service and dedication that truly sets us apart in the world of agriculture. We look forward to partnering with you in achieving excellence in the field.


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